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Creating a high converting squeeze page is all about utilizing the various elements on it to get the most out of the traffic that you generate. Building a targeted email list is the best way to expand your online business, meaning that your squeeze page is one of the most vital components of any of your online promotional campaigns.

If there is any one single aspect that is very important it must be the headline. A great headline works for the same reason as on a sales page, and you need to capture attention with it. When people keep reading your squeeze page, then of course the intended effect is to make them want to know more. It’s important that you put in your offer’s unique selling point in the headline, so that the moment your visitors see it, they’ll know why they should join your list. But do not forget to employ A/B split testing with your headline until you cannot improve your conversions any more.

You also need to ensure that the appearance of your squeeze page is very professional. You can’t have a badly designed page with nothing attractive about it. If you can, get your squeeze page done by a professional designer. If you want the people coming to your site to be impressed then you need to understand that presentation is critical to achieving this. However, it isn’t mandatory for you to shell out a lot of cash on the design of your squeeze page or to spend huge amounts of time on it. It’s enough to make sure the appearance is professional. You really don’t want to hurt your chances of someone signing up because of a bad squeeze page, because, after all, every person that lands on your squeeze page is a potential client.

The copy of your squeeze page is really crucial, which is why you should try to bold and highlight all those important words that need to be emphasized upon. Maybe a good approach would be to study good squeeze pages and see what they do. You can find all of the copy that has an effect on the readers’ emotions. What this is really all about is creating a squeeze page that works and adding to it. You can achieve quite a bit with a high converting squeeze page. In addition to that, how you drive traffic to your page also makes a difference. You can have the best squeeze page, but the quality of your traffic will also make a big difference. Even search engine traffic can be poor if you are using the wrong kinds of keywords. One of the biggest keys to success is testing and optimizing.

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